Quality is our main priority.

Service4kids shall take over the task of supervising children and adolescents at various locations by staff members who are either trained in education or are in possession of a child care-diploma approved by the Austrian Ministry of Economics, Family and Youth in accordance with EStG 2008.

Day care and supervision assignments as well as leisure activities with one or more children, including date, time and place of this undertaking are to be announced at least seven days in advance to the Management. Exceptions are made for Service4kids Club members and the city service.

All requests and resulting scopes of services are recorded in written form. Changes of appointments are to be made in written form and hence confirmed by us. E-mailing is considered written correspondence.

All fees and scopes of services are attached to the correspondence resulting from assignments. Insight on the costs can also be taken from the website.

Rates and scope of services account as an integral part of these general terms of conditions.

In case of a long-term day care assignment there is the possibility of becoming a Service4kids club member. This way, parents or legal guardians receive the possibility of making use of special offers and conditions. The child accounts as a club member upon payment of the membership fee.

Each staff member is responsible for a maximum of three children at a time.

Long-term day care of a child can be carried out by various staff members, however, Service4kids tries to maintain certain continuity in day care.

Before the first assignment, Service4kids requires the completion of the child data form for each child. The form has to contain the childs personal data and at least two addresses and phone numbers to call in case of an emergency. The parents or legal guardians are obliged to report immediately and in writing any changes regarding this child data form. Parents or legal guardians shall confirm the accuracy of the stipulated data and information on the child data form by signature.

If in any case, Service4kids is supposed to leave the child in someone elses custody and not with the legal guardian or parent, the person in question must produce written proof that he/she is authorised to take care of the child. Furthermore, the person in question must identify him-/herself to the childs caregiver by presenting a photo-identification. If he/she fails to proof his/her identity, the child will stay against payment under supervision of Service4kids until the parent or legal guardian comes to pick up the child.

Children who put themselves and others repeatedly and on purpose in danger and who do not comply with the caregivers requests will no longer be supervised by Service4kids staff members after those having completed their duty of supervision. In such cases, the parents or legal guardian will be informed immediately and asked to pick up their child as soon as possible. The agreed payment is payable on a pro rata base and after deduction of an administrative fee of 50% of the daily rate.

As legal guardians, parents are liable for any kind of unpredictable financial expenses their children may cause beyond the influence of Service4kids staff members and are responsible for bearing the entire costs.

Under considerably special circumstances, which do not allow for a continuous day care of the child (e.g. change of residency, severe illness of the child, etc.) a long-term Service4kids Club contract can be terminated by the legal guardians with one month notice. In this case, during the one-month cancellation period both the payment duties of the parents or legal guardians and Service4kids supervision duties shall be effective, unless one of the reasons stated in the previous paragraph applies.

Terms of Payment & Cancellation
All prices stated by Service4kids are not including any taxes. The client is committed to payment after the conclusion of the supervision duties. For long-term day care and Service4kids Club members billing occurs on a monthly basis with immediate payment obligation upon receipt of invoice. The client shall pay immediately upon presentation of invoice any additional costs regarding the assignment, like cash expenditures for hired cars, etc. which are not included in the range of services.

If the client cancels the assignment up to fourteen days before the first day of the requested child care service, the cancellation fee amounts to 50% of the sum agreed in the purchase order. If the client cancels the assignment up to 2 days before the first day of the assignment, the cancellation fee amounts to 80% of the sum agreed in the purchase order. In case of later cancellation, the entire sum agreed upon in the purchase order becomes immediately due, including all cash expenses incurred. Service4kids club members are not subject to payment of cancellation fees even if the cancellation is made on the day of the agreed child care service.


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