Quality assurance

Security, reliability, competence, well-being
In order to offer your child the best-possible care and a high-quality child accompanying service, our quality criteria are as follows:

One employee looks only after three children or teenagers at a time.
Before our first assignment, an initial consultation with the parents or legal guardians will take place. During the course of this conversation, we will jointly define the conditions for the requested child care service taking into consideration your personal preferences.
Before each assignment you have to complete our child data form.
Each child is automatically insured by Service4kids against accidents with Allianz Elementar Versicherung AG for the duration of our services.
The person requesting child care services defines by written power of attorney to whom the child may be exclusively handed over or at which exact address the child shall be dropped off.
For our pick-up and drop-off service as well as our holiday service, we cooperate with the renowned cab and limousine service Thomas Schwarz (www.die-limousine.at). The company offers secure and child-appropriate equipment as well as a special kids package.
The protection of our clients privacy and personal data is important to us. Each employee agrees in writing to comply with our privacy policy.
Our company guarantees reliable child care services even beyond the agreed period of time.
Each of our employees holds a degree in education or has received the certificate of child care by the Federal Ministry for Economy, Family and Youth in accordance with art. 34 para. 9 EStG 1998 and has further references available.
Internal and external training measures as well as interactive exchange of information on a regular basis are mandatory requirements for our employees.
If you contact us with due notice, we are able to plan and organise a broad variety of different services.
Depending on the kind of service you have picked for your child, our services will take place at your home or at another jointly selected place.
It is important to us that your children enjoy their time with us. Therefore, our child care service is designed to suit your childs interests and age.